Carrier of regular route line No 17 replaced


Carrier of regular route line No 17 has been replaced. Thechange has been caused by the improper activity of the previous carrier,transporting passengers by the route line, and the lack of positive changesdespite repeated warnings.

It has been revealed that buses operating by route No 17 oftendeviated from the approved scheme of movement and making a kickback on theloaded streets and avenues rudely violated the traffic rules. In addition, 141Call Center has repeatedly received complaints related to route line No 17.Though in connection with the indicated shortcomings the Agency repeatedly madeofficial and oral warnings to the carrier and the complaints received by 141 CallCenter were forwarded to the carrier’s e-mail, the carrier did not take anymeasures.

Following the changes on the regular route line No 17 theresidents of Baku will be served by the buses of BakuBus LLC fullycorresponding to existing requirements on passenger transportations. Temporaryoperation of route line No 17 by BakuBus LLC further expanded the coverage ofthe cashless payments system.

The changes come into force from 16.12.2017. Thus, the number ofroute lines functioning by the cashless payments system will reach 20.

Similar steps will be taken in relation to other carriers thatdo not comply with the requirements on passenger transportations by regularroute lines, fail to renew the bus fleet and to shift to cashless paymentssystem.