High traffic density observed on some streets and avenues of the capital city


These hours high traffic density and jams are observedon most streets and avenues of the capital city. It has to be noted that thecurrent situation has caused a delay in intervals between the buses of a numberof route lines.

1.Tbilisi avenue (in both directions) – high density

2. AcademicianHasanAliyevstr. (inbothdirections) – highdensity

3. Afdaddin Jalilov - high density

4. Zarifa Aliyeva str. - high density

5. Azerbaijan Avenue- high density

6. Bulbul Avenue - high density

7. Abbasgulu aga Bakikhanov str. (Towards the TurkishEmbassy) - high density

8. Mikail Useynov avenue (in both directions) - highdensity

9. Samad Vurgun Street (in the direction of ZarifaAliyeva Street) - high density

10. Azadlig avenue - relative density

11. May 28 str.-high density

12. Khatai avenue - high density

13. Istiglaliyat str. - high density

14. RashidBehbudovstr. - highdensity