The movement of buses along 10 routes has been temporarily changed due to the beach season


There was a temporarychange in the 10 bus routes operating in the settlements of Baku. The goal isto provide a comfortable trip to the beach for our people and tourists duringthe beach season. According to seasonal changes, from 01.06.2018:


  • Buses No. 107 from the "Koroglu" metro station to the "Buzovna" beach;
  • Buses No. 108A to Goradil and Fatmai;
  • Buses No. 141 to the "Sahil" beach in the Mardakan settlement; 
  • Buses No. 171 to the "Sea Breeze" recreation center in the Nardaran settlement;
  • Buses No. 172 from the "Koroglu" metro station to "Bilga";
  • Buses No. 173 and 179 to "Pirshagi" country houses and the beach;
  • Buses No. 185 to the "Kyzylkum" sanatorium;
  • 1 bus of regular route No. 189 from the Nardaran settlement to the "Lakhish"country houses;
  • And buses No. 210 will go to "Turkyan" country houses.