Information from the Baku Transport Agency at 22:00


Measuresare being taken to normalize the situation in the area of ​​passenger transportation,ensuring the smooth operation of buses on regular routes.

Passengers,near the exits of the "January 20" metro station, were transportedunhindered along the bus routes. 

Theconvenient movement of buses was organized from the "Koroglu"Transportation Exchange Center to nearby areas. The necessary measures werealso taken for timely and comfortable transportation of passengers to the citycenter from the "Koroglu" Transportation Exchange Center. There areno more problems.

Transportationof the population to the “Nizami”, “Elmlyar Akademiyasi”, “Inshaatchilar”metrostations, and nearby areas is currently carried out without difficulty. Thepassenger flow is completely controlled around the “Nasimi’, “Azadlig Avenue” and“Darnagul” metro stations.

Thereare no problems with the transportation of passengers around the"Ulduz", "N. Narimanov "and "Ganjlik "  metro stations.

Thedensity of passengers from the "May 28" metrostation in the direction of the Ahmedli, Gunashli and Keroglu districts waseliminated by increasing the number of vehicles.

Accordingto the instructions of the Baku Transport Agency, the maximum number of buseswas provided on all routes. We reiterate that the work of buses on regularroutes will continue until the night.

Asa result of measures taken to organize traffic, the activity of electronicinformation boards on the Zyhsky Circle-Airport highway has been resumed.