Information from the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies, Baku Transport Agency and Baku Subway


Dueto the accident at the Azerbaijan Thermal Power Plant on July 3, 2018, in someplaces there were restrictions on electricity supply. As a result, on July 3,at approximately 7:00 pm, the train traffic stopped at the stations of the BakuSubway.

Thenecessary measures have been implemented by the Baku Transport Agency with theaim of eliminating the sudden growing density of passengers and providingcomfortable and safe transportation of the population.

Accordingto the order of the Baku Transport Agency, all regular routes in the capitalwere transferred to a special regime, and free transportation of passengersbegan. Additional vehicles were attracted on the corresponding routes near theexits of all metro stations, as well as the centers for the exchange ofvehicles and other areas with a large population.

Mobilegroups of the Baku Transport Agency also acted to ensure the timelyimplementation of planned activities. In connection with the adoption of urgentmeasures for a short time in the area of ​​metrostations, a large crowd of passengers was eliminated. A direct route line wasalso organized from the "January 20" metro station to transportpassengers to Sumgayit. To this end, the State Automobile Transport Service ofthe Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies attracted 20large buses. If necessary, vehicles belonging to BakuBus LLC are in the readycondition on the territory of the Baku Transport Agency for the transportationof passengers along the appropriate routes.

Weare informing you that the Baku Subway will work in test mode, since there isno stability in supplying electricity for traffic. Given this, on July 4, 2018all regular bus routes in the capital will continue to operate in a specialmode, and passengers will be transported for free. In the Baku TransportAgency, in order to ensure the smooth transportation of passengers and timelyimplementation of other necessary measures, a meeting was held in the morningwith the participation of legal entities and individuals engaged in passengertransportation.

Wereaffirm that joint coordination work of the Ministry of Transport,Communications and High Technologies, the Baku Transport Agency and the Baku Subwayis currently underway. We ask the population to show understanding to thesituation.