There have been changes in the bus routes N: 51, 71, 139 and 204


Takinginto account the optimization and numerous applications of citizens, there havebeen changes in the bus routes N: 51, 71, 139 and 204.

On bus routeN: 51:

• Changingthe route will allow buses to pass through the streets of Rustam Rustamov-BakirChobanzadeh-Mehdi Abbasov-Imadaddin Nasimi.

On busroute N: 71:

•According to the changes, buses on this route will go from the KorogluTransport Center in the direction of Ziya Bunyadov Avenue to Darnagul 1 Road(Baksol Road) passing Islam Abishov Street.

On busroute N: 139:

• Thetraffic scheme on this route was extended, and the section near school No. 28in the residential area of ​​Savalan became the terminus.

On busroute N: 204:

• Thedirection of buses on this route was extended to the newly renovated Myadianroad, through Hassan-Bey-Zardabi Street. The reason for the change is theexistence of social facilities and residential areas in this direction.

Buses along thespecified route lines will move from 10.26.2018 in test mode.