The location of the “Koroglu” Transportation Center will be temporarily changed


The location of the Koroglu Transportation Center willbe temporarily changed from 23/11/2018. Thus, buses on regular routes fornearby villages will stop at the bus stop near the National Gymnastics Arena, nextto the exit of the Koroglu metro station in the form of a pyramid. To ensurethe comfort and safety of passengers, the relevant conditions were organized inthe center. The center has 6 platforms, each of which has a correspondingfence, bus stops and information boards. In addition, equipment was installedto illuminate the area in the evening. There are three stairs to the platformsaccessible from the Koroglu metro station.

We inform that the construction and restoration workwill be carried out in the Koroglu Transportation Center in accordance with theconcept of transport centers. The goal is to create the necessaryinfrastructure to ensure the quality and safety standards for passenger inaccordance with modern standards on the territory of the Transportation Center.

It should be noted that in the direction of nearby villages and settlementsabout 500 buses on 32 routes operate in the Koroglu Transportation Center.