Changes have been made to a number of regular route lines


Changes have been madeto a number of regular route lines within the framework of works to improve thequality of passenger transportation services provided to people.

According to thechanges, it was decided to merge the regular route lines No. 12 and No. 44under one number (number 12) for the reason that these lines have the sameroute.

The provision ofpassenger transportation services on regular route lines No. 62 and No. 81 wasentrusted to Chinar Trans LLC. According to the instructions of the BakuTransport Agency, the transportation of passengers along both of theabove-mentioned route lines will be carried out in new buses.

Passengertransportation on the regular route line No. 64 will also be carried out vianew buses. For that purpose, the transportation of passengers on the line istemporarily handed over to General Auto Company.

Passengertransportation along the regular route line No. 88 is entrusted to Bakubus LLC.

The above mentionedchanges will be applied from 01/01/2019.