The salary of bus drivers of BakuBus LLC has been increased


As in all other areas,the improvement of the social welfare of bus drivers working at Bakubus LLC is constantly in the focus of attention of the state. Thanks to the special care of the President of the country Mr. Ilham Aliyev, over the past three years various measures related to the social protection of drivers working in Bakubus LLC have been implemented. As a continuation of these activities, from 01/12/2018, the salaries of drivers working at Bakubus LLC were increased by an average of 10%. The goal is to improve the material well-being of drivers, as well as to achieve a more responsible attitude of drivers towards their work, and also to improve the quality of services provided to people in buses. 

Note that during the day, drivers work at Bakubus LLC according to a shift schedule.

For your information, we inform that Bakubus LLC announced the next job vacancy for the position of a driver. Regarding this vacancy citizens who have driving license of "D" category may apply to Bakubus LLC. 

Citizens are advised to call (012) 404-11-10 for more information about recruitment.