Passengers will be transported via route N: 64 on new buses.


Passenger transportation on the regular route N: 64 from 12/26/2018 will be organized using new buses. According to the relevant decree of the chairman of the Baku Transport Agency, the contract with the previous carrier was terminated due to the fact that the activities of this carrier did not meet the requirements. Thus, due to the technical failure of the existing buses on route line 64 and the low professionalism of the drivers, the passengers were dissatisfied. In this regard, the Baku Transport Agency regularly received complaints from passengers. Despite repeated warnings, the carrier did not take any positive steps. Given the above circumstances, the provision of services for the temporary transport of passengers was entrusted to General AutoCompany.

From 12/26/2018 passenger transportation on the regular route N: 81 will be organized on new buses.

It should be noted that the Baku Transport Agency carries out consistent measures to improve transport services provided to residents of the capital, and to improve the quality of passenger transportation. Over the past three years, more than 300 new buses have been acquired, thanks to the attention of the head of state to this area.These buses have already been commissioned on the roads of Baku. Baku Transport Agency purchased another 300 large-capacity buses. 280 - 12-meter, and 20 -18-meter buses. Currently, work is underway to deliver buses to the capital.