Documents and items found on BakuBus buses in December


In December, 9 bags, 8 wallets, 3 mobile phones, 5 identity cards and other documents were forgotten (lost) by passengers on buses owned by BakuBus LLC and returned to their owners. At the same time, 21 documents, cards and goods were delivered to the Baku City Police Department, and 10 documents - to the “Poçtap” service. 

Also, a passport and a plastic card belonging to Vusala Gurbanova, student tickets belonging to Gunel Guliyeva and Hanim Astanova, bank cards belonging to Ilham Guliyev, Zenfira Efendiyeva, Gunay Adigozalova, Elkhan Nagiyev and Elmin Shikilya, health insurance card belonging to Dilyara Jalilova and business card belonging to Elnura Huseynova are in BakuBus LLC. Wallets with documents belonging to Aliakbar Bahram oglu Babayev, Rauf Sharifov and Alibal Dadashov, bags with documents belonging to Aygun Gochayeva and Elman Rafiyev are also stored in BakuBus LLC.

Citizens can contact BakuBus LLC to return their own documents and items.

It should be noted that BakuBus LLC is not responsible for the forgotten (lost) belongings of passengers.