If you lose any of your personal belongings on buses of carriers that engaged in regular passenger transportation, you need to give information on the number of bus, the direction you lost your item and registration plate of the bus. The carrier or an authorized representative of the carrier will be informed of the case and when the missing item is found it will be handed over in appropriate manner.

In regular bus services, passenger has the right to take a child up to 5 years without paying fare without holding a separate seat.

Passenger himself is responsible for preservation of baggage carried by him/her in bus salon.
Foremost, a tax payer’s identification number (TIN) is obtained from the Ministry of Taxes or “ASAN” Service, further you need to go to any bank branch with the TIN, pay 18 AZN fee. Further, you have to go to Intellectual Transport Management Centre (ITMC) and obtain the identification mark by presenting the receipt of the payment, the registration certificate, leasing (if any), and a power of attorney.
Pursuant to paragraph 3.1.19 of the Charter of the Baku Transport Agency, the “Distinguishing sign” of legal and physical entities engaged in taxi operation in the administrative territory of Baku is being issued by the Baku Transport Agency.

Each bus has the carrier company’s contact number on a side of the bus visible to passengers. By calling the number, you can make your request directly or get your request registered by telling the service number, the state registration plate of the bus.

We eliminate the density of traffic by increasing the average speed in the street (on the road) by sending through software green wave command to traffic lights installed across one and same street.

According to the Administrative Offences Code, a fine in the amount of one hundred manats is applied for stopping public transport to get on and get off passengers out of stops specially established for this purpose or parking places marked with 5.1.