Baku Transport Agency successfully implemented another project within the framework of the “Hub Concept”, prepared with the participation of local and international experts. It's about the creation of a hub around the Lokbatan circle. The goal of the hub is to build a qualitative, efficient and safe transport system model at the southern area of the capital.

Another important reason for creation the Lokbatan Hub is the fact that at this area around 50-60 small and medium-sized buses are traveling to various cities and districts of the country at certain intervals. In addition, the chaotic movement of vehicles providing transport services in the direction of Lokbatan area caused a serious threat to passengers' lives. Because of the absence of bus stops and parking lots, citizens were forced to stand on different parts of the road to use the bus service. So, taking the bus or taxi was a big threat to the safety of passengers, and vehicles caused traffic jams at rush hour of the day.


It was possible to reach the expected result by launching the first Hub around “Koroglu” metro stationin April 2016. There is no chaotic movement of pedestrians or vehicles as it used to be in this area during the rush hours of the day. There are 15 parking slots installed in the hub and put into operation. Information on public transport behavior rules has been wrote on bus stops installed by the Baku Transport Agency.

After the establishment of the Baku Transport Agency, in the transport sector of the capital, especially in public transport, implementation of significant innovations for the convenience of the population was launched. One of these innovations is the organization of the Transport Exchange Centers. In accordance with the Concept prepared in connection with this, one more Transport Exchange Center was commissioned. The center was commissioned near the Darnagul metro station, and the last stop of the route lines from the surrounding villages and settlements to the “Azadlig Avenue” metro station was changed and moved to a new center. The goal is to prevent traffic jams and traffic density around the “Azadlig Avenue” metro station during rush hours of the day. 

On the territory of the transport center, established near the Darnagul metro station, the sidewalks were repaired, road markings were organized and 5 new bus stops were installed. After the opening of the center, it is planned that 112 buses will serve 11 routes during the day. At the same time, taxi stops are also established.